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Dropshipping booty leggings for big profits

Dropshipping Booty Leggings for Big Profits

You’ve likely seen them on Tik Tok, the booty leggings taking the internet by storm.  A cross between yoga pants and a thong, these pants go by a number of different names, I’ve even seen them called “cellulite eliminating...

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painting a toro workman auction flip

Toro Workman Auction Flip, $1,400 profit!

The title should be “I accomplished the ugliest Toro Workman auction flip on the planet”, but that’s how you get the good deals.  It’s amazing how far a can of spray paint can go.  The uglier the item, the...

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1990 Bass Tracker Pro Deep V 16 Bass Boat

Winning a Bass Tracker Pro Deep V 16 at auction for $1,200

The best days of a boat owner’s life are the days they buy their boat and the day they sell it.  I can attest to this statement having owned quite a few boats.  With that said, I’ve been looking...

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$300 golf cart

Flipping a Broken $300 Golf Cart for $700

One of my favorite things about auction flipping is it’s almost impossible to lose money if you buy right.  This broken $300 golf cart is the perfect example as it was in bad shape.  All four tires were flat...

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First month of blogging tips

12 Tips To Stay Positive in the First Month of Blogging

The first month of blogging kinda sucks, I’m not going to lie.  There is a ton of work with pretty much zero reward in your first month of blogging unless you call $0.51 from AdSense a reward. Here’s a...

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My Blogging Journey

My Blogging Journey, Blog Journal Starting Month One

Originally, I was planning on doing a “My Blogging Journey” post at months 3, 6 and 12, but decided where is the fun in that? Instead, I’ll be  sharing as I go along.  Let people know what I’m doing,...

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