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How To Start A Blog

Are you trying to figure out how to start a blog of your own?  This page is filled with helpful tips, tricks, ideas, and blog posts to help you reach your goal!

The most important thing to remember is blogging is not going to make you an overnight success, not even close.  Blogging takes a great deal of time and effort when you first get started.  I made a post 12 Tips To Stay Positive in the First Month of Blogging you may want to check out.  It may help you set realistic expectations when blogging.

People start blogs for a number of reasons.  Some are looking for a way out, dreaming of the day their new blog makes enough money to quit their job.  Some are looking for a change, leaving the rat race behind to travel the country in an old Airstream.  Others may just want to get things off their chest or blog about a passion.  Whatever your reason, I’m here to help show you how to start a blog.

Identify your personal goals for your blog.  Always remember why you started your blog.  And never ever give up!

As I type this, my blog is still very much in it’s infancy.  You won’t see any posts like “How I made $10,000 in my first month blogging”.  Those are very unrealistic goals.  Truth be told, it’s not uncommon to make $0 in your first 3-6 months due to the Google Sandbox period.  Google wants to make sure you are serious, that you’re putting in the time and effort.  That’s why you’ll want to focus on building as much content as possible and great SEO in those first months.

Month one I posted a blog just about every day.  Months 2-6 I’m banking on doing 5 posts a week.  Eventually I’d like to be at the point where just 1 or 2 blog posts a week gives me solid ranking and I can monetize my site enough that it can pay for a beach house for my family.  Hey, dream big!

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