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Dropshipping booty leggings for big profits

Dropshipping Booty Leggings for Big Profits

You’ve likely seen them on Tik Tok, the booty leggings taking the internet by storm.  A cross between yoga pants and a thong, these pants go by a number of different names, I’ve even seen them called “cellulite eliminating pants”.  Call them whatever you want, the fact is these pants are the latest hot commodity, so the question is, how can you capitalize on them?

Is There a Market for Dropshipping Booty Leggings?

Dropshipping booty leggings

Just take a look at the screen shot above.  This single listing on Amazon has over 5,800 ratings you can see it HERE.  Those aren’t orders, those are people who left reviews about the pants!  You think that’s amazing?

This listing has over 28,000 ratings!!!

Checkout this listing on Aliexpress, they’re the same pants for $10!  You can find these pants on Amazon, eBay, I’ve even seen them on Etsy!  The more important point is that they are selling.  Everyone wants an easy way to get a Kardashian looking booty.

Where to Find Booty Leggings for Dropshipping?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Aliexpress, if you have not, it’s not unlike an Amazon for Chinese goods.  You don’t need a business, or an LLC, you also don’t need to place large orders.  You simply find someone selling the booty leggings you think will sell best, copy their posting information, paste it on Amazon or eBay and you’re off!

dropshipping booty pants on amazon

The photo above is a screenshot from Aliexpress for a listing of these “Fitness Leggings” they’re identical to the ones listed on Amazon for $35.00!  They ship for free and they offer a number of different options.  You can see this listing on Aliexpress by CLICKING HERE.

Is it Safe to Order on Aliexpress?  How Long Does it Take?

I have ordered a number of things from Aliexpress over the years from a number of different manufacturers and I have literally NEVER had a problem at all.  The communication is also surprisingly easy.  Checkout is really no different than ordering from any ecommerce website and tracking your order is a piece of cake!

With that said, I decided to place an order for a pair of these pants on Aliexpress.  As you can see at the time of my purchase the pants were just $9.86.  The order was placed on January 6th 2021.

order pants on aliexpress for drop shipping

The only real downside to dropshipping on Amazon is a lot of buyers are looking for 1-2 day shipping, not all, but a lot.  So I was curious how long it would take for a pair of booty leggings form China to arrive here in the states.  To my surprise it only took 13 days.  Considering it was a single package on the other side of the world that had to clear customs and connect with USPS this was pretty amazing.

how long does it take for orders to ship aliexpress

The quality of the product was also better than expected.  I thought it might be very thin material which cheap uneven stitching.  It wasn’t at all, the material is a quality thickness.  The fit is great and looks well made overall.

Is There Faster Shipping?

One of the nice things about Aliexpress is you can actually search for suppliers in the USA.  Instead of 13 days shipping it may only be 3-4 which is a much easier pill for an Amazon shopper to swallow.  You will be paying a premium for this, maybe the pants are $14.50 instead of $10.00.  This is a small price to pay if it means you’re actually going to get orders.

Here’s a vendor selling leggings and shipping them from the USA

Here’s the other option.  Order a few and ship them to your home.  Buy 20 pairs and list them, when an order comes through ship them yourself.  They ship to you for free so the only additional cost is shipping to the customer but they’re so small and light the cost is minimal.  Once you sell 10 order another 20 so you know you always have some in stock ready to go.

How much money can I make Dropshipping Booty Leggings?

Obviously that’ll depend on a number of factors so lets break it down per pair.  The only real costs associated are going to be the cost of the leggings themselves and your listing fees for whatever platform you’re selling on.  In most cases these fees are around 15%.  You’ll want to undercut the market to try and drive more sales so lets say you put a sale price of $29.99.

Sale price – $29.99

Minus 15% listing fee – $25.49 total after fees

Minus the cost of leggings –  $10.50

Total profit per pair sold = $14.99!

So when all broken down you could be making a profit of $14.99 for every pair of leggings you sell.  Then you simply sign into Aliexpress, place your order, and change the shipping address to your customer’s address.  I’ve done this before on a small scale and never had any issues.

Imagine selling just 1 pair of these leggings a day, after just 30 days you’d have $450 extra coming in, and all you had to do was take 3 minutes to place the order on Aliexpress.  What if you could do 2 or 3 orders a day, that could be an extra $1,000 a month!

Imagine buying yourself a new 2020 Mercedes that cost $700 a month and when your friends ask you how you can afford it you tell them “I dropship booty leggings online and make an extra $1,000 a month for 45 minutes worth of work”.

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